Folk Alliance International Folk DJ Chart
#1 ALBUM September 2020

#1 Artist / 7 songs in the Top 20

#1 SINGLE in JULY 2020

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Praise for OLD FRIENDS:

GSGM Magazine
"The folk rock group add their own flavour to the original treasures and they make for a collection which is irrestible... each track
on the album stands out like a beaming light. ...the trio smashes it here."

Midwest Record
"This vet folkie trio that consistently hits the top of the folk charts pays tribute to the 60s and they do it in a sure voiced enough way
that you can already feel the positive comments filling in the comments section on You Tube... Nothing here but stuff to be proud of."

Music Mecca
"This classic collection of covers pays homage to some of the best songs of the bygone era... this trio is keeping the traditions of
some of the greatest and influential music alive today with their tight harmonies and unique arrangements."
"You’ll LOVE this new album... From start to finish, Gathering Time is completely in sync and proves that timeless music never dies
and never gets old... you must go grab a copy of Old Friends now."

New Folk Initiative
"On their superb new album, Old Friends, they don’t just honor the classics, they make them their own."

The Static Dive
"The undisputed stars of the show are the three voices that paint beautiful hues on this familiar tapestry."



Internationally touring folk-rock harmony AAA/Americana trio in the spirit of the '60s and beyond.
Playing originals, classic 20th-century and trad folk.




"Extraordinary singers who follow in the footsteps of The Weavers and Peter Paul & Mary."    Peter Yarrow


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or call (516) 661-7161